Gym Subscription packages

At MF8 gym and fitness center, we offer exclusive, bespoke, gym and fitness services . 

Our gym is open Monday to Friday, by 7am and 8am on Saturday.

N2,000 one time registration fee applies to all packages. 

Gold Gym Package

This plan is for people who are only interested in joining our daily fitness classes. These include dance classes, flat stomach classes, booty sculpt classes and more.

Classes hold for 45 minutes, Mondays to Saturdays between 6:45am and 9:30am

Cost: N10,000 monthly

Diamond Gym Package

The Diamond package gives access to daily group workout classes and gym equipment use after classes, Mondays to Saturdays.

Cost: N15,000 monthly.


Platinum Gym Package

The platinum package is for people who are willing to invest not only in getting fit and relaxed, but want to lose weight faster.

You get access to group workout classes and gym equipment, Mondays to Saturdays.

You are also entitled to 30 minutes personal training sessions twice a week.


Cost: N20,000 monthly