my figure 8 wellness

Need a gym in Ibadan? Tell us your fitness and wellness goals, we will support you to achieve them!


N2,000 one time registration fee applies to all packages

Class drop in

 A pay as you go session costs N500  for registered members and N1000 for non registered clients, VAT inclusive.

gym in ibadan
my figure 8 ibadan

Monthly plan

This plan gives you access to exercise equipment and workout of the day. Mondays to Fridays and self service on Saturdays.

This plan costs N6,000 VAT inclusive.

3 months plan

It takes about 12 weeks of dedication to see serious improvement in fitness, flexibility or weight loss. Put your money where your mouth is, get serious about your goals and save 8% when you pay for 3 months in advance.

This plan costs N16,500, VAT inclusive

6 months costs N33,000 VAT inclusive

my figure 8 ibadan
my figure 8 ibadan

12 months plan

Are you really serious about your goals? Then put your money where your mouth is.

Get 16% off when you pay for six months in advance.

This plan costs N60,000. VAT inclusive

Dance fitness party

Enjoy one hour of sweaty fun and dance every Friday at 8am.

This costs N1000 only 

VAT inclusive


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spa services in Ibadan at My Figure 8 wellness hub, Oluyole estate

Far Infrared Sauna therapy

The Sauna Blanket will help lose kilos, inches, and reduce the appearance of cellulite. It will also aid with lowering blood pressure, reducing inflammation, ease muscle and joint pain, arthritis pain, and headaches. It helps clean the body of toxins and has also been proven to improve your mood.

Cost per session : N2,500

Deep cleansing facials

Get, clearer, smoother, deep cleansed facial skin complete with a relaxing facial massage. 


facials in ibadan

Rejuvenating body massage

 Massage offers stress relief, eases pain, makes movement easier. Massage can also lower heart rate and blood pressure. 

Full body: N10,000

Half body: N6,000


Please note that fitness and wellness services are not alternatives to medical advice and treatments. We advice that before you start any new exercise, diet or skincare regimen, please contact the appropriate medical personnel