About Us

My Figure 8 wellness and events seeks to infuse an element of wellness into work and general life. We offer services that help people, especially busy people stay healthy while being productive.

Our Brands

mf8 hub

Mf8 hub is first and only business and wellness hub in Ibadan. It’s a hub that encourages everyone to stay healthy while being productive. MF8 comprises of a meeting/seminar room, workspaces, cafe, gym and spa.

Fitcafe by Mf8

Fitcafe by MF8 is a healthy food delivery and catering outfit in Ibadan which caters to busy, upwardly mobile men and women who are conscious about their well being and want eat healthy without sacrificing taste and quality.

MF8 Digital

With SLH Digital, we provide digital services like website design, graphics design, events social media management, and SEO for small, medium and large businesses to help them get visible and build authority online.

Fitfam Cards

Fitfam exercise games cards is a pack of 30 exercise cards that can be used for personal or group workout anytime, anywhere. As the name implies, it can also be used in games and as ice-breakers. Each pack of 30 cards costs N2000 only

Our Story

My Figure 8 wellness and events, was established in 2010 and formerly known as Bee’s Signatures.

At the time of establishment, we were a beauty and wellness brand offering makeup and spa services and training to women in Ibadan. In 2014, welaunched a women only fitness club which soon morphed into a gym and wellness center, hence our rebranding to become My Figure 8 wellness and events.

We currently operate through the 4 brands mentioned above.

In the last 11 years, we have been able to help over 400 men, women and children set and work towards their wellness goals, we have also organized and been a part of several wellness events in religious, educational, social and corporate circles.

We currently run the first and only business and wellness hub in Ibadan where, in addition to workspaces and a meeting/seminar room, we also offer wellness services such as fitness and nutrition services all in a single location.

Space to make your
greatest impact.

When you book our workspaces or meeting room, you are not only booking the space, you also get access to healthy, nutritious food and drinks, a well equipped mini gym, a mini spa and our team of courteous, helpful and dedicated staff.