3 types of apps that can help you live healthy.

Far gone are the days when a phone was just a phone! Now, your smartphone is a combination of so many devices, it’s so amazing.

A smartphone is a phone, a radio, a camera, an alarm clock, a watch and so much more.

Today, let’s look at 3 types of apps the healthy living buff can find on iOS or Android phones to help them stay healthy.

1. Water reminder apps: We all know water is very essential to life. In fact, more than half of the body is made up of water.

Health workers recommend about 2l of water daily for anyone above 13 years and slightly less for children.

If you are busy, it may be difficult to remember you haven’t had water in hours.

Thankfully, apps exist that remind you to drink water: Water drink reminder, drink water reminder, water tracker…

2. Step counter apps a.k.a pedometer: A huge part of staying healthy is staying active. Loving a sedentary life is dangerous.

A pedometer app will give you an idea of how many steps you take daily (your phone always has to be on you for it to be near accurate). The recommended number of steps to become an active person is 10,000 daily. Examples are Pedometer, Step counter, step and calorie counter…

3. Food tracker apps: There’s no need to tell you that healthy eating is part of healthy living. We all know that, but for some reason or the other, we may not be intentional about what we eat and therefore don’t know how much calories we are consuming. A good tracker app will help with this especially if you are just starting a weight loss journey. You will be able to log in everything you eat down to the ingredients used. Examplesare Track, Noom, Food diary, calorie counter…

Did you find this useful? Let’s know in a comment below.

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