Time management for optimum wellness

One of the ways you can relieve stress and increase productivity for optimum wellness is through efficient time management.

Your chores, activities and needs will always be there, you can’t wish them away. What you can do however, is to prioritise and do what’s most important first.

Also, reduce or completely eliminate distractions by identifying and differentiating between urgent and necessary interruptions.

Urgent interruptions are not always necessary (eg, a phone call from a friend who wants to “catch up” during your work time) while necessary interruptions are not always urgent (e.g. a reminder about your family’s hospital check up appointment).
Determine what is not necessary at the moment and schedule them for another time.

Thirdly, try not to multitask. I know we all say women are born “multi taskers” but what is the essence of starting too many things and not finishing them up?
Time management also involves scheduling your tasks. Do them one after the other (time boxing can help here so one task doesn’t drag on for too long). Completing 3 tasks is better than starting 15 and completing none.

Just a few tips there. Any of yours you’d like to share in a comment below?


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