3 ways to make exercise time fun time.

As a wellness coach in Nigeria who owns a gym in Ibadan, I have seen first hand how people think exercise is punishment and this ought not to be so.

Granted, the mantra “No pain, No gain” is true, but when you are infusing fun into your workouts, then the pain becomes much less obvious and much more bearable

Here are a few ways through which you can make exercise time more interesting for you and your family.

1. Cue music: Music has a way of lifting the spirits. Get a collection of music you love and play them during your workout for increased endorphin production.

2. Don’t go it alone: Involve your family member, get workout partners/gym buddies who have similar goals and like the same workout and music. This makes you accountable to each other and also give you a sense of community, knowing that you are not alone.

3. Use fun props and games: Exercise can be fun! Build obstacle courses with used tyres, plastic plates/cups, balls and so on as props. You can also use our new product, the Fitfam Exercise games cards which allows you to have fun exercising anytime and anywhere using the 30 cards with exercises and their benefits as well as instructions and games ideas.

Is there any other way you make your exercise time fun?

Fitfam Exercise games cards

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