Why you should know your BMI.

Why do i need to know my BMI? you may ask. BMI is acronym for Body Mass Index. This is measured by dividing your weight in KG by the square of your height in meters.

A couple of years ago, a friend who is much shorter than i am, asked me what dress size i wear and i told her i fluctuate between 10 and 12 uk dress size, and then she goes, “but it means you are not yet thin enough, i thought size 6 and 8 were the perfect sizes.  I laughed to myself and then went on to explain to her how being a size 6 for me probably would mean i am under weight and in dire need of some good food!
So for example, if you are 1.7m tall and  weight 69kg your BMI is 69/(1.7*1,7)= 23.8 which falls within the normal range of 20-25.
other interpretations are
less than 20= underweight
20-25= normal weight
25.01-30= overweight
30.01-40= obese
greater than 40= morbidly obese.
You would agree with me that before embarking on any journey, it makes sense to know where you are and where you are going to so that even if you don’t know how to get to your destination and need to ask for help you can get it easily. In essence, if you know what your weight is, and what it should be then it becomes easier to shed the excess because you would be focused and motivated. 
Some people have argued that BMI is not an accurate measure of Wellness and I agree because there are people who are slim on the outside and fat on the inside, TOFI (Post for another day), body fat measurement and more detailed medical screening will definitely be preferred.
However, if you are overweight, you will know by your BMI and it will guide you to making a positive change.
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BMI chart
BMI chart

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