3 wellness tips for the office.

Most people typically spend 6-10 hours at work either staring at a screen or slouched over lots of paperwork. I have put together 3 tips to help you stay healthy and pain free even through your busy day.

1. Take deliberate breaks. Don’t be so engrossed in work that you don’t remember to stand until lunch or worse, closing time. If you need to time yourself with an alarm, do so. Take a break for a couple of minutes every hour or two to stand, walk around and stretch your back, arms, feet and shoulders.

2. Be conscious of ergonomics. Is your seat comfortable? Does it have arm and back rests, is your Computer scree high enough? You shouldn’t have to bend your neck and shoulders to see what’s on your screen.

3. Avoid screen glare. Don’t leave your screes at maximum brightness. This can hurt your eyes in the long run. Also, try to look away or shut your eyes for 1 minute after every hour of staring into a screen.

Remember, at MF8 wellness, we offer corporate and personal Wellness services which include workshops on wellness at the workplace.

Have a fantastic week ahead.

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