4 ways to deal with PMS cravings 

Recently I received an email from a potential client who lives Amsterdam.  She wanted to know how to deal with the sweet and salty cravings she gets just before her period. I thought about it and realized she’s not alone,  the cravings are a result of the increase in cortisol,  the stress hormones and a reduction in serotonin which is supposed to reduce stress by calming us down . A low level of serotonin leads to cravings for carbs because the body uses carbs to make serotonin.

So what’s a babe gotta do who is on a diet and getting these alakoba cravings? 

1. Prepare to attack : You know when your period is likely to come (hopefully 😁) so indirectly,  you know when you will be premenstrual. Prepare for this period by getting rid of foods and snacks you don’t want to take and filling your pantry and refrigerator with healthy treats from whole foods like the ones that would be in the soon to be launched My Figure 8 wellness guide for busy women.  

2. Have a breakfast with a high level of protein. According to popsugar.com, eating at least 20 grams of protein at the first meal of the day can also help stabilize blood sugar levels and keep you feeling more satisfied. Plain Greek yogurt with nuts and fruit, eggs with half a cup of sautéed potatoes and eight ounces of soy milk, or a vanilla milkshake protein smoothie are great high-protein options.

3. Eat smaller meals more frequently.  This will help to regulate your blood sugar and keep cravings minimal. 

4. Exercise : When you exercise,  your body produces endorphins which are happy hormones that lift your sour spirits.  Also exercising leads to decreased cortisol and increased serotonin levels.  So engaging in activities as simple as walking,  swimming and my favorite, dancing 💃  (you know,  right?)  can help tackle the cravings. 

Do you have any other suggestions?  Share in a comment below. 

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