Her wellness story: Adedoyin Jaiyesimi

“I never want to go through a compulsory bed rest again.”

Adedoyin Jaiyesimi is a writer,  editor and writing coach, she also manages blogs and creates content for websites. She is the founder of The Sparkle Writers Hub, a platform where she coaches people to Horne their writing skills and get published online or offline. She shares with us her experience with stress and fatigue and how she was able to overcome them. 

Health is wealth, I learnt this the hard way.

I started 2016 with a burst of energy. There were so many things to achieve and in my mind, there was so little time.

And so I worked and overworked, hardly taking any rest. In fact, I considered rest a luxury. I cannot really explain why I put myself under so much pressure.

From late nights to days back to back of little or no sleep, my body began to push back by the middle of the year. Did I yield? Did I rest? No I didn’t. “Body you need to be tougher” I said to my body with disdain.

This state of affairs continued for two more months until my body had had enough. It just shut down on me. My energy was zapped. Just a few steps and I would start panting like I had run a marathon. I felt really weak. All of a sudden, I couldnt carry my own weight. Thanks to bad eating habits, I had added a few pounds.

As my body weighed me down, I dragged myself to the hospital. “You are extremely stressed out. If you dont slow down and rest, it could lead to something worse”. Those were the words from the Doctor.

He prescribed some drugs and I was placed on a compulsory two-week bed rest. All I had to do was sleep, eat and take the drugs. I must confess, I wanted to fight against this. How can I go two weeks without doing any work? I run my own business and it is not yet at the stage where I can take of leave of absence. Yet, I knew that I had to give my body the utmost attention.

And so my journey to recovery began.

It was a bit difficult for me to adjust in the first few days but I forced myself to.

I slept. I ate proper food  made healthier options. I tried to engage in relaxing activities. I stayed off social media and far away from work.

I stopped sleeping late. I gave myself a compulsory deadline.

It helped. I began to regain my strength.

I felt healthier. I felt my energy return to my body.

Thanks to this episode, I learnt a valuable lesson about taking care of yourself and your body. Its good to work but it is better to live a healthy, long life.

As a result of this, I have put in systems to ensure that I get enough rest and not push myself to the limit.

I have a compulsory day off where I relax, watch a movie or catch up on the latest book.

I also try to stick with a particular bed time. When I do need to sleep late, I ensure that I make up for it during the day.

And when I feel myself getting weak, I just slow down immediately.

Even though bed rest was helpful, I never want to go through that again. 

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