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My Figure 8 w&e

Your total well being is our motivation!

Our vision is to make fitness and general wellness effective, efficient, and fun for everyone.

Are you in Ibadan? Get a FREE  workout session at MF8 gym

Over 5 years of supporting people in Ibadan to set and achieve their fitness and general wellness goals.

In March 2014, a wellness club was birthed in Ibadan as a result of one woman’s desire to help families lead fit and healthy lives even if they are very busy. What started in a shared flat with a friend alongside her makeup studio has now morphed into a full fledged wellness group of the following brands: MF8 gym and fitness center, Fitfam exercise games and Fitcafé by Mf8.

What can we Offer you at MF8?

Here are some of the ways we will support you and your family to live healthy, get fit and have fun while doing so.

Gym and fitness classes in ibadan

Get fit, lose weight, have fun. Choose from our range of individual and family gym packages and classes.

healthy food cafe and delivery in Ibadan

Healthy doesn't have to be boring! Get healthy snacks, drinks and food supplies at MF8 fitlounge and cafe.

Corporate wellness services in ibadan

Let's take charge of your outdoor and indoor fitness events for schools, churches, corporate and social organizations

Meeting and coworking space in Ibadan

Wouldn't it be great to work in an enviroment where your wellness is prioritized? Join our coworking space today

What People Are Saying

"A healthy population is a prosperous one and MyFigure8 is doing much to equip and inform through its services which include interactive workshops for adults and children, events and a ‘Wellness Hub’ located in Ibadan."
Tony Elumelu Foundation
"I can already wear some of my clothes that I couldn't wear before and I haven't even started with my meal plan. What will happen when I do?"
Mrs Abiodun
"I couldn't climb the stairs without stopping to catch my breath. I used to have knee pain too. But since I joined My Figure 8, all that has changed!"
Mrs Falore
Retired teacher