Gym Subscription packages

At MF8 gym and fitness center, we offer bespoke gym and fitness services for both the young and old. As a family gym, our clientele age range is cuts across 3 generations.

Our gym is open Monday to Friday, 7am to 8pm and 8am to 6pm on Saturday.

N2,000 one time registration fee applies to all packages. 

Gold Gym Package

This plan is for people who want to lose weight or get fit but are not in a hurry. It gives access to exercise equipment and group workouts of the day.

Mondays to Saturdays plus one complimentary stress management and slimming  massager session.

Cost: N8,000 monthly

Diamond Gym Package

This plan works well for health conscious people with hectic schedules. We have incorporated ways to help you relax and get rejuvenated.

Diamond package gives access to daily group workout and gym equipment, Mondays to Saturdays.

4 stress management and slimming crazy fit massage sessions

2 monthly Sauna therapy sessions

Cost: N12,000 monthly.

Read more about crazy fit massage here and FIR sauna here.

Platinum Gym Package

The platinum package is for people who are willing to invest not only in getting fit and relaxed, but want to lose weight faster.

You get access to group workouts and equipment, Mondays to Saturdays. Two of these days, you are entitled to 1 hour personal training sessions.

This plan also gives access to 

8 crazy fit massage sessions, 

4 Sauna slimming sessions

Unlimited table tennis games (subject to availability)

Cost: N16,000 monthly

Class drop in

A pay as you go session (one time) for regular classes and use of gym equipment costs N1,000  for an hour.

Kids Gym Package

For children 5-15 years

This package gives access to:

Trampoline bounce (50kg and below)

Skipping rope fun

Strength training for kids

Monday to Saturday

This plan costs N5,000 monthly or N500 daily

Special fitness classes

Are you too busy for a monthly package or you have specific interests? Click the button below to see and choose from our special fitness classes like dance, self defence and stretches