Our team of health and wellness professionals are poised to help you come up with and maintain wellness programs that benefit members, employees and their employers.

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Investing in a workplace wellness program can provide immense benefits for your company, not just employees. Wellness can improve your employer brand, build loyalty among current employees and may even save you money. It can also improve employee productivity and act as a great morale booster.

Below are some of the ways My Figure 8 can partner with your school, corporate, religious or social organisation to improve the general health and well-being of your employees and community.

Creating an on-site wellness program is important because the majority of an employee’s time is spent at the workplace. Many chronic diseases are preventable. According to the CDC, chronic diseases account for 75 percent of total healthcare costs. They are also the most preventable type of disease.

A typical wellness progam includes some or more of 

  • An onsite gym and / spa
  • Regular vital checks
  • Regular team building wellness events
  • Wellness workshops
  • Weight loss programs with reimbursement on program completion

Using our trademark product, Fitfam exercise games cards, indigenous games and other team building activities, we organize fun and educative fitness workshops that can show simple but effective ways to have fun and improve physical and mental wellness, while keeping fit together as a corporate, religious or social organisation. 

Included in the Fitfam exercise games workshops are:

  • Vitals: Blood pressure, Body mass index BMI, Basal metabolic rate BMR, Body fat percentage BF%,  and Blood Sugar level.
  • Aerobics and Dance fitness sessions
  • Team building games
  • Discounted on-site Spa sessions where possible

Does your organisation stand for or support a cause? Let’s partner with you to organise wellness events for your cause.

Sample events include:

  • Walk for a cause
  • Race for a cause
  • Dance for a cause
  • Free health screening programs

and more

Physical wellness is important for Children as it not only helps them physically, but also improves mental alertness, coordination and emotional wellness. In addition, childhood obesity is a growing concern all over the world, and Nigeria is not left out.

Using our Fitfam exercise games cards, we can show you how to keep your students healthy and occupied in a fun way.